Grammatically incorrect

I confess, my colon use isn’t perfect, as my wife will no doubt attest. And I have a problem with some periods. Other people’s that is. Do we actually teach English in schools anymore. Do teachers still stand at the front during lessons? Or is everthing done via mobile phone and txtspk?

Seriously, you have to admire the people that work in schools. It must be a bloody tough job, with little recognition or reward.

Textspeak does my head in, I can’t understand it half the time. It must be a sign of getting old.


Work, stress and the smoking colleague

Today I was in the office. The day was going ok and then, a conference call with the most difficult person I’ve had to work with in a while. They managed to completely derail the call and accused us, or to be more accurate, me, of a number of things that were their cock up that I am trying to fix without getting into the whole blame game. Wow! Shocked and pissed, too stunned to reply, which is probably just as well.

After the call, I grabbed a cuppa and bumped into a colleague who I haven’t seen in a while. She suggested a smoke and a quick catch up. I declined the smoke but joined her in the smoking area for a chat. Ohhhh….inhale those fumes…and passive smoking is free!

I’m quite pleased I wasn’t tempted to have one.

Samsung S860 and Kawasaki 500


After finishing work the sun came out and I managed to get out for a little spin. It feels good too.

Although I have a D-SLR, its bulky to carry around and I bought a Samsung S860 8MP compact from eBay for under £25 earlier in the week with the idea that I can carry it everywhere and maybe hook it up to the bike to do some videos.

So this was a test spin of the camera too.

Pay apple in loose coins

Years ago, my Dad had a disagreement with a mechanic who ripped him off. These were the days before the current culture of claims and counter claims. After much argument, Dad decided to pay the exorbitant bill and duly delivered the payment in bags of pennies. 


This whole patent mess, and the related lawsuit culture being misused by some of our large technology companies, is madness. I suggest Samsung make their payment as directed by the court,  but hire as many trucks as it takes and deliver it in small change. 

What’s your strategy?

At the start of this, I spent several weeks building myself up mentally to not smoking. Thoughts on health and wealth, things I could do to distract myself and all such things.

I am a week and a half in and sometimes it is easy, other times it isnt.

My strategies and distractions are not working like they did. I find myself wondering whether there will always be this urge to smoke and am coming to the conclusion that probably, yes, though the occurrences may become less frequent.

I need some ideas on new things to take my mind away from it. If you have some thoughts on this, feel free to share them with me.

Dirty filthy things, those cigarettes!

My precious

Maybe I have watched LOTRs too many times. But the past few days, my precious (cigarettes) have been calling me. And it made me think of Gollum.

If you have ever watched the trilogy or read the books, you will know that he was a normal person (alright, normal Hobbit!) who became greedy and wanted his precious (the ring to rule all rings). Generally, when you watch it, you think, what a weak character, he doesn’t fight this urge and in the end, kills his friend for it. Over time, the better part of his personality tries to overcome but ultimately fails. And the viewer may think, he is a weak and bad character.

Surely a cigarette is much easier to overcome. Hmmm, maybe… precious…..I wants it!