Hidden away in a kitchen cupboard was a pack of cigarettes. 

The night I planned to have my last smoke I had almost a full pack. It seemed such a waste for them not to be smoked. I mean, cigarettes are bloody expensive these days. 

Anyway, that pack has sat there for a little over two weeks. 

On occasion, at weaker moments, I’ve felt it calling me.

Tonight I decided, enough. The pack is now in the bin, with exactly the same number of cigarettes in the pack as when I put them away. 

What I can’t quite figure out, is why I kept them at all. 



3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Well done, that’s an incredible amount of willpower. If I ever find any at home I don’t think I could do the same. Perhaps you kept them as in the early days of quitting I always used to think that one day I would be able to have the occasional one, although as you rightly said in your post today, that will never be the case 😦

  2. I suspect you are right that initially I thought they were there as a “safety net” if I really really needed a smoke. Then it started bugging me that they were there. I tried to give them away, but that didnt go quite as intended. So I thought, bugger it, in the bin they go, where they belong!

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