Day 16 and an offsite meeting

Apparently it takes 30 days to form a habit and just as long to break one. So I am over half way there, woohooo.

Today has been a strange day. I had a offsite meeting in a neutral location with my manager and the woman I work with. It must have been playing on my mind, as I woke earlier than normal and spent the morning doing small bits and pieces on my code, still working from home. I avoided the main pain relief as I started on it yesterday and it made me feel….not quite all there.

Those that know me, may note that I am not always firing on all four cyclinders, but I mean I was really spaced out. I since read up on tramadol and while it has been prescribed for pain relief, it is an opiate and anti depressant too. Driving, riding my bike and operating machinery in general is a no no during the first few days of taking it. Hmmm, I wonder if that means I cant safely operate the kettle and everyone else has to make my cuppas?

Back to the meeting. Things have got kind of weird at work. Apart from me being hospitalised, one of the team and I are at serious odds. Despite trying to keep things professional (and I am sure they have been trying too) things reached a head last week. The next step is to get in a room together and thrash things out with someone acting as mediator. Hopefully this will see an end to it and things will move on.

We also discussed very briefly, my illness.

Most of the time was spent discussing the current project. I feel alot happier about that and feel that we are now set to make some real significant progress that will make everyone’s life easier in the team.


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