The pull of temptation

This morning, the draw towards having a cigarette seems stronger than before. I sit here, looking at the work in front of me and think to myself, I could really do with a smoke right now, just one.

Of course, it wouldn’t be just one, with any addiction it doesn’t work that way. Sighs.

I had a cast around at various sites, if you find yourself in this position, this forum might prove useful –



5 thoughts on “The pull of temptation

  1. Hi! Sorry for my bad english, I only learning it at about a half year. This is my second experiment of quit smoking and i downloaded a software, you should try it. I wrote about it on my blog, with it, quit smoking is easier, cause if I want to smoke or I think that i have a good reason to smoke, it gives me an answer. For example:

    “I think it’s too late. I think i am already sick.


    You think it’s too late to stop?

    Some people think they are already sick and it has no use to continue stop smoking. This is very wrong. If it was known people become sick from drinking milk, and you feel sick, would you still drink milk? NO. After quitting smoking some people think the withdraw symptoms are sign of a sickness. But in fact, in most cases this is a normal part of the healing process from quitting smoking. It is important to remember just how irrational your thoughts was when you were a smoker. As a smoker you were constantly warned of the dangers through the media, physicians, family, friends who quit, and most importantly, your own body. But being the obedient addict you were, you disregarded these pestering outside influences to obey your true master–your cigarette.
    The control cigarettes exert on you when you are in the grip of the addiction is complete. It makes you say and do things that when observed by outside observers makes you look weak, stupid or crazed. Once free of cigarettes you can recognize all these symptoms of your past addiction. To avoid ever living such a miserable existence the only thing to do is to stop smoking.”

    I don’t give you a directlink, but if you want to install it, just google “stopbuddy” and make a try.

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