Lucky to be alive

I stumbled across this blog posting about a woman who fell asleep on her motorcycle. Was she asleep? I dont know.

All I can say is wow! She is lucky to be alive.


3 thoughts on “Lucky to be alive

  1. She’s lucky she rode into the side of the truck and didn’t meet it head on ! Might not have escaped so lightly if she had.

    Easily done though. More than once, on long motorway journeys at night, I’ve found myself drifting into the hard shoulder without being aware I’m doing so

    P.S. first people on the scene did wrong to move her. Should have covered her with a blanket or coat to keep her warn but made her lie still where she was until medical help arrived.. Moving her risked making any internal or spinal injuries worse

  2. Man……I don’t know how one can fall asleep riding a motorcycle (not as a pillion). Its an on going visual, audio and physical stimulation until one stops the ride. I know my wife sometimes fall asleep riding pillion but I’ve never fell asleep riding a bike (as in being the pilot or driver).

    She’s one lucky woman. Hope she recovers soon.

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