The week in view

Yesterday, I had a nice comment from and she liked a bunch of my posts.Thank you Kelly.

Now I’d like to say I am a deep thinker and just their mere mention of previous post titles, reminds me of what I have written. Not so. I was prompted to go back to read some of them and one was a reminder to count your blessings, which was itself prompted by a wee bairn asking “What was your favourite thing about today?”.

So here we go for another week:

  • Last weekend was just after a pay day, always a good time, especially as I can figure out how much I have saved from not smoking and transfer it into my savings account
  • Mum invited us up for Sunday lunch. Normally it’s the other way around, either we take her out, invite her down, or plate some up and take it up to her
  • Mum had a scan on Monday because she has a lump about the size of a pea in her throat. They said it was because she has lost a lot of weight, mostly from worrying about my sister, and something she needs to work on, but very good news that it wasn’t anything major.
  • I had a great day in the office on Tuesday and we launched our new brand and network. And the ride to work was exhilarating and I encountered no artics with swinging rear doors (that isn’t a euphenism by the way)
  • My application is now published internally for beta testing, which means my colleagues have an opportunity to play with it and feed back any bugs and feature requests
  • My bike passed it’s MOT with a little help and now feels even better to ride
  • My youngest passed his 3 month probationary period at work, he is now a full time employee and has made me very proud in how he has handled some challenging situations.

What have been your favourite things this week?


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