A dangerous addiction

I am pretty sure I have an addictive gene. My sister and brother too. And I think it comes from my mums side.

Like most character traits, it can be a positive and a negative. There are many good things I inherited from Mum. And from Dad. And many not so good things too. The result of this particular one is that I rarely do things by halves. I am focused. Intently so. Either extremely passionate about a thing, or almost oblivious.

I came across this link via a local bikers forum. The full title of the video is “TT 2012: A Dangerous Addiction” and introduces you to the bikers who race at the TT, why it hasnt been banned in this overly safety conscious country and some of the challenges they and their loved ones face.

Well worth spending three quarters of an hour watching. I can understand what motivates them, though I also know they are in a different class altogether.


5 thoughts on “A dangerous addiction

    • Lol, thanks Tappan. My old mum. She is a diamond.
      I’ve never visited New England, though I have been to a few different places in the US for work, and done the almost obligatory trips to New York and Florida. I have a hankering to spend a month crossing the continental US, perhaps in a rented motorhome (RV) with a bike strapped to the back. And such a trip would be incomplete without visiting the place that the Pilgrim Fathers landed at.

      • I bet you’d love that trip. I’ve done a couple like it — never an RV, but both car and motorbike. I might even suggest a route (don’t stray too far south, etc). This country is much more than NYC and Florida, thank the stars. And just since tonight is tonight (for me) — I sure am glad to keep our president in office. It’s nice to be able to say that for a change.

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