Decisions, decisions

I am torn.


Do I go right or left. If I make the wrong choice, I will suffer for months, no years, it could be painful to get through.

I am, of course, talking of my choice of mobile phone.

Contracts typically run for two years these days. A scandalous length of time. And I have been waiting, and waiting, in anticipation of this day.

But, I like my little blackberry device and was planning to wait to see how Blackberry 10 turns out at the end of January. They have built up a certain amount of loyalty with me. I love having a full keyboard, this blog post is written on one. And I have a matching Playbook tablet.

And yet I find myself tempted to jump ship, to upgrade now, to a new and pretty 4G device. Not to Apple’s walled garden. There is something about iPhone that just does not sit right with me. Perhaps it is the way Apple tightly define what you can and cannot do. And I like messing with settings and suchlike, being able to try different things and understand the impact they have.

The temptress is Android. To Jelly Bean no less (that’s versions 4.1 to us mortals). Two devices are on my radar. Both Samsung. The S3 and the Note2. A nice shiny, early xmas present to myself. The Note 2 especially draws my attention. It is effectively tablet and phone combined. And with the stylus I could perhaps completely ditch pen and notepad.

So very tempting. My precious!

But could I live with the immense size of the thing. And the little bits of Android quirkiness. And no physical keyboard. These are all critical elements of the decision process.

I suspect I will procrastinate. I love technology. And occasionally fall for the marketing hype. But I don’t like parting with my cash either. And on my staff plan, my company will pay a sizable chunk towards the cost of the phone, for such high end monsters as these, I would have to stump up a¬†size-able¬†amount of cash too.

What do you think? So should I upgrade? Or wait it out? What is your phone of choice?



No, I’m not a musician, though I have the utmost admiration those who can play a tune.

Today was an early start, 6am, ho hum, I thought a glass or two of wine might help me sleep, instead it made me feel like striking up a woodbine. Severe headaches too. Not due to excess wine, I didnt drink that much, nor the smoking. Just part of the burst blood vessel/dodgy eye problem.

I pottered around some while everyone was still sleeping, read some blogs and tidied up some. Later I took my youngest lad out to see if we could get his motorbike sorted out. After visiting a number of garages and mechanics, we’ve left it with a someone who was willing to take a look at it. The reluctance probably due to it being a pain of a job and a not a big money earner too. Hopefully the mechanic will be able to drill and helicoil the exhausts stud bolts.

I have been fiddling with the look and feel of this blog and chose a new theme.

And I’ve installed the Blackberry webworks development environment in an XP virtual machine. I fancy a play around with it and maybe creating a Stopping Smoking app to collate some of the info I’ve gathered to help people give up the weed. It’s going to be an interesting time over the next six months technology wise. Apple launching their new phone next week – if you haven’t head about it, you are probably the only person on the planet who hasn’t. Google continue to march ahead with Android, though we still haven’t seen anything amazing coming from Motorola now they’ve bought the mobile side of the business. Windows continue with Windows 8 and their marketing machine is relentless. And RIM follow up the rear, urgently working to get Blackberry 10 finished which apparently is going to be a user interface paradigm shift – they really need to make it something jaw dropping to have any chance of recovering.