Cigarettes and alcohol

Friday I went to the docs. I’d been earlier in the week for the nurse to take even more blood. I was surprised, as I had expected to see the doctor then and I thought the medical profession had ceased the practice of leaching patients some years ago. The nurse told me there where some concerns over my liver function, so I had to make a fresh appointment for Friday to see the doc. She didn’t know why she was taking blood, thought there might have been some kind of mix up, but took some anyway.

Fast forward to Friday. The doc is new to the surgery, a pretty young asian woman, who tells me I have enzymes in my liver which are causing it to work way too hard. She asks me what medication I am on. Strange, I thought she would know that. We go through the list of tablets and the doc starts leafing through a medical book, presumably looking for any mentions of side effects that might cause this liver issue. I guess it was inconclusive, as she asks me how much alcohol I drink. One to two bottles of red wine over a weekend, I reply. So she asks me to abstain for a fortnight.

I wasn’t particularly happy, first cigarettes, now alcohol. I may have to find myself some new vices! Did I mention that giving up smoking can be hazardous to your health.

Friday and Saturday evenings have been drink free. I’d like to say I feel better each morning for it, I don’t.

No worries though, I took the bike out a couple of times yesterday. The first outing was a short trip around my local town. The second, 60 mile round trip to see a relative. Hence my Oil and Petrol post. I’m feeling a combination of my age and some wanderlust I guess.

I read this on Four Corners Bike Ride blog this morning and it is one of the things I love about riding – a lot of cars will ease over to let a motorbike past. I do it myself when in my tin can. Whether it is motivated by people being polite or just not wanting to have a bike sat behind them, it’s a nice feeling as a rider. Though it does encourage you to zip along a little faster.

Speaking of the Four Corner Bike Ride blog. I’m watching this fella’s endeavours closely. It’s something I’d like to do next year. Perhaps camping with the occasional hotel or B&B when I need a little luxury. The wife is up for it. I can’t see me doing it on the kwaka though. It has no fairing, only the flyscreen that I’ve added. It does help, but not enough for long distances at speed (not that I ever go over 70 officer, honest!).

So I am continuing to put my cigarette money to one side towards a newer bike, preferably a Suzuki V-Strom. It seems like my weekend wine money ought to go into that fund too.


What’s your strategy?

At the start of this, I spent several weeks building myself up mentally to not smoking. Thoughts on health and wealth, things I could do to distract myself and all such things.

I am a week and a half in and sometimes it is easy, other times it isnt.

My strategies and distractions are not working like they did. I find myself wondering whether there will always be this urge to smoke and am coming to the conclusion that probably, yes, though the occurrences may become less frequent.

I need some ideas on new things to take my mind away from it. If you have some thoughts on this, feel free to share them with me.

Dirty filthy things, those cigarettes!

My precious

Maybe I have watched LOTRs too many times. But the past few days, my precious (cigarettes) have been calling me. And it made me think of Gollum.

If you have ever watched the trilogy or read the books, you will know that he was a normal person (alright, normal Hobbit!) who became greedy and wanted his precious (the ring to rule all rings). Generally, when you watch it, you think, what a weak character, he doesn’t fight this urge and in the end, kills his friend for it. Over time, the better part of his personality tries to overcome but ultimately fails. And the viewer may think, he is a weak and bad character.

Surely a cigarette is much easier to overcome. Hmmm, maybe… precious…..I wants it!