The sound of silence

I must confess, this is one of my favourite tracks. It is instantly and almost universally recognisable and perfect for chilling out to. In my wanderings with my camera, the lyrics prompted several images which I have included below. I’m not quite sure why the whole Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits album strikes such a chord with me, I only know that it touches something deep inside.

There is one of their tracks that is missing from the album though, which I have added to my Album playlist. Bright Eyes. Watership Down is the first “proper” book I remember reading and I suspect I’ve read it at least half a dozen times in my childhood. It is a great book which touches on many adult themes such as communism and fascism. The film came out shortly after my first (or possibly second) reading of the book, and the sound track always takes me back to my childhood. For those not familiar with it, or who just want a few moments of nostalgia, here it is on Youtube.


A year or so, we had two funerals in as many months. My aunt on Dads side of the family passed away after a lengthy illness. And my uncle, who wasn’t much older than me, on Mum’s side was diagnosed and passed away in a very short space of time. I wasn’t much involved in the former, but helped mum with some elements of organising my uncles funeral.

This included scanning and tidying up some old photos and locating some music.

Selecting music for my own funeral, while it may be a little morbid, is something that occasionally comes back to me. Today I’ve been listening to a fairly random selection of music on my phone. From this, I have picked the following 4 tracks I’m not 100% convinced by sailing, the others are classics:
Sarah Machlachlan – Angel
Rod Stewart – Sailing
Simon and Garfunkel – Sound of Silence
Baz Luhrmann – Sunscreen