More classics

Less words, more images from yesterday….

The sound of silence

I must confess, this is one of my favourite tracks. It is instantly and almost universally recognisable and perfect for chilling out to. In my wanderings with my camera, the lyrics prompted several images which I have included below. I’m not quite sure why the whole Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits album strikes such a chord with me, I only know that it touches something deep inside.

There is one of their tracks that is missing from the album though, which I have added to my Album playlist. Bright Eyes. Watership Down is the first “proper” book I remember reading and I suspect I’ve read it at least half a dozen times in my childhood. It is a great book which touches on many adult themes such as communism and fascism. The film came out shortly after my first (or possibly second) reading of the book, and the sound track always takes me back to my childhood. For those not familiar with it, or who just want a few moments of nostalgia, here it is on Youtube.

A walk on the beach

As part of my stopping smoking, I am making an effort to get out more, the exercise and fresh air is good for me.  The sea defences along our seafront are being upgraded. It is long overdue. When this new building was announced, it’s name caused something of a local uproar, so the council are now running a competition to come up with a new name.

Kawasaki wheel with speed blur

This is an photo I took of a bike wheel a few years back during a flickr meet. I bumped into one of the lads from work who was out for the day on his bike. I was aiming for a detail shot, closing the aperture down to extend the shutter speed. I then waited until there was some passing traffic to get some motion blur.

Samsung S860 and Kawasaki 500


After finishing work the sun came out and I managed to get out for a little spin. It feels good too.

Although I have a D-SLR, its bulky to carry around and I bought a Samsung S860 8MP compact from eBay for under £25 earlier in the week with the idea that I can carry it everywhere and maybe hook it up to the bike to do some videos.

So this was a test spin of the camera too.

Long exposure

It’s been a while, a really long while.

For almost a decade, my camera and I were almost inseperable. And I excelled at long exposures, blurred, misty waters, night turned into day, all that kind of stuff.

Recently though, I have been uninspired. The zest and sparkle had gone out of it. I think its time to dust off the camera, clean up the lenses and do something new and different.