Day 9 – Living in a smoke free zone

It has been 9 days since my last smoke. Sighs.

Yesterday I went back to work. Probably a little too early, as I felt drained by mid afternoon

I did speak to the Living Donor centre, they advised me that my scans had been examined and the consultant has decided my sis will get my right kidney, both kidneys appear to be functioning well and equally, so I guess it makes little difference to me. I advised them of the torn blood vessel in my neck, they didnt seem to worried, though it may delay things a little. They are arranging for a copy of the MRI scan from my local hospital.

When I got home, I felt uttterly exhausted along with a banging head and a strange, gentle pins and needles sensation across one side of my head. I think my wife wanted me to go back to the doctors or ring the neurology ward, but I was hoping I just needed a rest.¬†And a cigarette. Damn insidious little things. I resisted though. And read for a while before heading to bed around 920pm. That’s odd for me, as I normally dont hit the sheets until around midnight.

When my head hit the pillow, I was out for the count. I awoke sometime after 3am, with a bad head and realised I still had my patch on.

A quick cuppa, tablets, patch in the bin and back to bed I went. I didnt wake back up until just before 8am.

Today has been a work from home day. Apart from a few deep urges to light up a ciggy, I have plodded on and got a fair amount of work done. Flagging now though, its mid afternoon and I have another hour and a half to go.